Best Class Ever Challenge

Best Class Ever Challenge

The Best Class Ever Challenge

January 1 - September 15, 2024

LSM has 19 Best Classes Ever.
Which class will claim bona fide bragging rights for 2024?

The Leadership Southern Maryland (LSM) Alumni Committee is pleased to announce the 2024 Best Class Ever (BCE) Challenge. Each LSM class claims to be the Best Class Ever. From January 1st to September 15th, we challenge all LSM classes to demonstrate which class truly holds that distinction! Graduates earn points for their classes by engaging in a range of LSM and community activities that demonstrate their commitment to engagement and service. The class with the most points on September 15th (at 11:59pm ET) will be declared the official Best Class Ever for 2024!

Earn BCE points for your class by joining or renewing your membership in the LSM Alumni Association, attending LSM events, donating to LSM, volunteering with LSM or in the community, and through other means, detailed below.

The Best Class Ever for 2024 will be announced at Homecoming in October!

BCE Challenge Point System

  • LSMAA Membership: 1-yr = 1 pt / 5-yr = 2 pts / Lifetime = 3 pts
  • Event Attendance: 1 point each for June 9th Golf Tournament (including guests!), LSM Alumni Socials, LEAP Information Sessions, etc.
  • Donations: Up to $500 = 1 pt / $501-$1,000 = 2 pts / $1,001 – $5,000 = 3 pts / $5,001+ = 4 pts
  • Sponsorships: Up to $1,000 = 2 pts / $1,001 – $5,000 = 3 pts / $5,001+ = 4 pts
  • Nominations: 1 point for each Executive Program or LEAP nomination
  • Book Club Participation (“Best Read Class”): 1 point for each meeting
  • Social Media Shares: 1 point for every 5 Facebook or LinkedIn posts shared
  • LSM Board and Committee Membership: 1 point for each member
  • Alumni Ambassadors: 1 point for each class ambassador
  • Community Engagement (“Most Community-Engaged Class”): 1 point for every hour of service to LSM or other community organizations (Based on honor system. Click the button below to “Enter Volunteer Hours.”)


Remember to log your volunteer hours to keep your class current on the leaderboard!

Congratulations to the LSM Class of 2016!

LSM ’16 earned distinction as the Best Class Ever for 2023. They were also recognized as the Most Community-Engaged Class of 2023 for having logged 406 volunteer hours in the community between June 9 and September 15. #LSM Proud

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Best Class Ever Challenge winners!

BCE Winners
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